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World Architecture Festival 2014: Submit Your Works to Compete as


Dear readers, as the phenomenal architects we are confident you are, it is time to enter the search for the 2014 World Architecture Festival (WAF) awards. Annually recognizing the globe’s most impressive works, WAF is the …

Daniel Libeskind on Italy, Design, & the State of Architecture Today


In this interview with Daniel Libeskind, originally featured on Metropolis as Q&A: Daniel Libeskind on Italy, Product Design, and the State of Architecture Today, Paul Clemence talks to Libeskind about his perspective on Italian …

25 Incredible Examples Of Early Christian Architecture – List25


Early Christian Architecture defines most of the European structures that were built between 350 and 525 A.D., although some historians believe that construction of early Christian churches began even before 100 A.D. …

world news